AOTO led display support Xuanchen to Build Intelligent Traffic Command Center

DATE:23 August,2017

Recently, AOTO’s fine pixel pitch LED Display was unveiled at Anhui new officer center to help Xuanchen build a brand new intelligent Traffic Command Center for important missions like supervision, scheduling coordination and emergency situations. This screen is AOTO’s first 1.2mm pixel pitch screen specially designed for traffic and transport solutions.

This screen is 1.2mm pixel pitch with 40sqm area in total. Based on AOTO’s own control system and splicing system, the led display can support several different pictures, one picture in full size and picture in picture modes, delivering maximum visual impact by switching different supervising inputs. The led display can easily show a comprehensive information display to unite command and coordination missions.

AOTO’s ultra high definition led display with 24bit processing depth and HDR technology can accurately reproduce the true color to deliver the synchronized traffic situation. Aoto’s front maintenance technology will save lots of maintenance access space, also strong cabinet design and AOTO’s own control system ensures a high stability and reliability to make sure the smooth and stable operation of the led display system during the daily life of traffic monitoring.

AOTO’s ultra high definition led display is used for high-end meeting rooms, commander centers, TV studios and commercial centers. With UHD, quick response, high contrast and wide viewing angles, AOTO screen is an expert to reproduce true colors and show vivid images. Through the cooperation with Anhui traffic and transportation commander centers, LED display technologies have a high reputation in command centers and control rooms, which has greatly proved that AOTO led displays is a trusted and reliable brand that can be used in these mission critical environments.